SEO Services Online Store Offers

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SEO Services Online Store OffersGoyang SEO serve SEO services online store site with relatively cheap price for long-lasting results, so in addition to cheap can save without paying maintance. In addition, you (the owner of the online store site) should not be complicated anymore to take care of your campaign on the Google search engine pages, you just focus on other things and leave the affairs of your online store site SEO on Goyang SEO.

Trend growth of online store site with different kinds of products that are marketed and web formats (CMS) is currently growing rapidly, and in 2013 entered by tracing Goyang SEO, a lot of people be it personal, partnership or business entity that is opening an online store. Read more…

Online Translation Services

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The best online translation service and trusted in Indonesia – For those of you who are looking for quality language interpretation services and professionals, be it English, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, German and others, on the Internet (online) as well as in many service offline translators who offer services to translate either in the form of oral, written (text), video subtitle, and so forth. Everything has advantages and benefits of each.

Especially in online, there are some services you can rely on translators and believe, and here are my recommendations: Read more…

How to Improve The Security of Mac Computer

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How to Improve The Security of Mac Computer – There are currently more than 100 million users of Mac OS X in the entire world. This number continues to grow rapidly over the last few years. However, Mac OS X malware was also increased, including such as Mac OS X Trojan version of DNSChanger, and attacks on Mac OS X that erupted in 2011.

On September 2011, the first version of Mac OS X Trojan Flashback appears, and extends until March 2012. According to data compiled Kaspersky Lab, nearly 700 thousand users are infected by early April, and that number could continue to rise. Although Mac OS X is fairly secure system, but still, as users need to take some steps to avoid the attack.

Costin Raiu, Kaspersky Lab Expert provide recommendations on the 10 simple tips to improve the security of Mac. Read more…

Samsung to Be King of Mobile Phone in The World

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For the first time, sales of the Samsung beat Nokia. South Korean vendors even managed to beat the dominance of Apple with its iPhone in the smartphone market. Research firm Strategy Analytics, global mobile phone sales reported by the end of the first quarter of 2012. In the report, sales of mobile phones from Samsung managed to beat the sales of mobile phones Nokia and Apple.

Though the dominance of Nokia phone sales since 1998 and were unbeaten. The report released from the Samsung mobile phone sales at 93.5 million units. Samsung had a 25.4 percent market share.

While at the same time Nokia only sold 82.7 million units, or get a market share of 22.5 percent. While Apple sold 35.1 million units with a market share of 9.5 percent. Other vendors 156.7 million units (42.6 percent). Read more…

The Design of the First Google Phone

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The Design of the First Google Phone – Prior to any Android operating system, Google has dreamed of having his own cell phone. In 2006, Google has designed a phone that was similar to BlackBerry smartphones made ??by Research In Motion (RIM). In the case of tort law relating to use Oracle to Google license application programming interface (Application Programming Interface-API) Java, Google hand over documents to the court, one of which contains the first Google phone prototype.

At that Google wants to make a phone with an open source operating system. The keyboard is designed with the Qwerty layout. Buttons are made convex round shape.

Google invited U.S. mobile operator, T-Mobile, to provide internet service unlimited data, so that kind of service Google GMail and Google Map can be accessed from the mobile phone. Read more…

The Future of Augmented Reality Technology

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Augmented Reality Technology – A little review the discussion of Augmented Reality in the previous paper, the general understanding of Augmented Reality is the merging of objects that exist in cyberspace (virtual) into the real world in two dimensions and three dimensions that can be touched, or seen, and also can be heard.

Wikipedia is mentioned in the definition of augmented reality (AR) in the Indonesian language is plus reality, the technology that combines two-dimensional virtual object and three-dimensional or in a real environment and projecting a three-dimensional objects in the virtual, real-time.

Virtual objects function displays information that can not be accepted by humans. This makes the reality tertambah useful as a tool to help the perception of and interaction with real world users. The information displayed by virtual objects helps users carry out activities in the real world. Read more…

Information Technology Reduces Operational Costs of Banking

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The cost of banking operations in the back-office, such as administration, can be suppressed by improving the information technology (IT). “IT can be one channel for banks to reduce operational costs to a level that had been mentioned that from 20 percent to 12-14 percent,” said account director, SunGard Ambit Indonesia, Emil Sumirat, in Jakarta.

According to her, now set in the provision of bank credit. Bank should not be excessive in providing funding to the community. There are regulations that govern it from Bank Indonesia. Therefore, said Emil, operational cost efficiencies to be one alternative to increase bank profits.

“The way it is to do efficiency. In operational terms we can do almost 20 percent of the cost is the back office, for example, such as administration,” he continued. Read more…

Language Translator (Interpreter) Software

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Language Translator (Interpreter) Software – Microsoft has created a software that acts as a device to translate the language. Universal translator is said to be able to change the speech in English to 26 different foreign languages??, and talk to the voice users. According to official statement, the translator software was made by Frank Soong and Rick Rashid, who worked at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond.

As for how the software is a language translator automatically. With this software, users have to do is talk to the device and will immediately change it. Read more…

Microsoft Language Translator Application

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Microsoft has launched an application that serves as an electronic translator based Windows Phone. This application users can use the camera facility to take the form of foreign posts that do not understand. After getting a picture of the text you want translated, the application automatically will be called Translator can translate word for word exactly. Not only that, there are also facilities Voice Recognition that works to translate foreign words into text format with sound. Users can also write foreign words to be translated quickly. Read more…