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7 Tips for Making Long-lasting Notebook

7 Tips for Making Long-lasting Notebook. Laptop or what we often call the notebooks are in need of extra care, to remain in good condition and not problematic. For those who often indulge in the outdoor hot sun and dust seem to be more ‘stop’ not to mention the dirt in general, like water or food crumbs often tucked between laptops. If we want to make it durable, long lasting and far from the problem, here are seven tips that you should emulate:

1. Remain clean keyboards

Because of frequently touched, this section is part of the fastest dull and dirty. If indeed you are uncomfortable, before typing, have a keyboard cover, a thin layer that can be closed without disturbing your keyboard keys as you type. As a result, crumbs and other dirt will not be possible to sneak into the sidelines of the keyboard.

But if you want to clean up, please prepare a brush and brush to the sidelines of a button to remove dirt. However, you can use a portable vacuum cleaner is widely available in stores and computer accessories to a high usually USB. Clean the surface of the keyboard keys with a cloth soaked in cleaning fluid glass.

2. Screen

Use a special glass cleaner and do not use other cleaning fluids. Spray on a soft cloth first and then sweep on a laptop screen. Do not addressed directly on the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) as it would make spotting. How to clean up any existing rules. Wipe in one direction, for example from left to right, or from top to bottom. And remember, do not push too hard.

3. Avoid hot sun

Remember, do not leave your notebook in the car, because in addition to inviting people to steal it, the car parked under the hot sun will increase the temperature in the car and its impact can damage the components of a laptop.

4. Avoiding scratches

Keep a notebook from sharp objects. Try to put a protective layer of cloth or sponge before closing the lid. Because the keyboard is hard, can damage the laptop monitor. And if you want to travel, you should use a special notebook bag. Because these bags are usually designed for notebook security itself. Usually there are several screens that can make a secure notebook from scratches and pressure.

5. Avoid magnetic fields

For security reasons the data in the laptop, you should keep it away from objects that contain a magnetic field / electromagnetic strength of about laptops. Examples of devices that contain strong magnets such as speakers are not shielded (unshielded speaker system) or can be mobile (phone). If you want to access the Internet using a mobile phone via infrared, place the phone within a distance of about 15 cm from the laptop.

6. Case brilliant

Hand-stained notebook case can result in not bright when we bought it first. To clean it, we can use without substance alkaline detergent mixed with water. Or if you do not want to just use a multipurpose cleaner used electronic devices. And normally it a foam. Spray onto a soft cloth, then gently rub the surface of the case.

7. Saving notebook

When you will save a notebook for a long time, you should remove the battery and store in a cool, dry, and circulate air well enough. Place the silicone gel to prevent mildew. So want to use it again, stun battery by filling and emptying as many as three times in a row.

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