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Arrival Dwi Sentosa and ARTAV Antivirus History

ARTAV Antivirus CreatorWho is Arrival Dwi Sentosa? These are photos and profiles of Arrival Dwi Sentosa, junior high school boy who makes the Anti Virus ARTAV. An antivirus, artificial Indonesian children mentioned are the best local antivirus.

At first glance there’s nothing special in the boy’s class 2 Junior High Schools (SMP Negeri 48 Bandung). He looks normal like kids his age who like to play games and surf. It turned out that behind it, Arrival Dwi Sentosa (13) save the tremendous potential in the field of anti-virus technology.

The second child of the couple Herman Suherman (45) and Yeni Soffia (38) This creates anti-virus called ARTAV Antivirus. Extraordinary work of this made for a year by using his family’s old computer.

Although the creation teenage boy, but the anti-virus is based on visual basic, quite qualified in local and global fight against the virus. Simple graphical display and support data base that continues to-date virus makes it a lot Artav Anti Virus download.

The origin of interest Arival to make anti-virus because of resentment against the computer in his home he is often exposed to the virus. He used many times to reinstall to eradicate a virus that infects the computer.

It took a year for Ival to make ARTAV Antivirus. Originally Arrival give him anti-virus to his friends and family. Get a positive response, he then ventured to post a homemade anti-virus on his facebook account. Once posted on facebook, pretty good response from the community.

Arrival Dwi Sentosa Full Profile

Name: Arrival Dwi Sentosa
Address: Jl.Bojongsoang,  Bandung Regency, West Java Indonesia
Hobbies: Create Program
Religion: Islam
Blog / Site: www.artav-antivirus.com
Activity: Learning in the Junior High Schools
Planning: Want Advancing Technology in Indonesia, especially Programming
Status: Single (No Dating)

  • Elementary School Cipagalo 1, from 1-2 grade
  • Elementary School Cijagra 1, from 2-4 class
  • Elementary School Sekelimus, from grade 4-6
  • Junior High Schools : SMP Negeri 48 Bandung

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  1. ardi
    February 14th, 2011 at 09:29 | #1

    gmana unduh artav,alamatnya dimana? tq

  2. latifah
    February 20th, 2011 at 06:28 | #2

    gimana cara unduh artav?

    March 11th, 2011 at 10:20 | #3

    Maaf sebelumnya, kemarin udah unduh artav dan sdh di install di komputer kemudian akan menghapusnya gmn caranya? karena komputernya jalannya lambat. mohon konfirmasinya mas Dwi Sentosa. DARI OPERATOR KEMENTERIAN AGAMA MIN CANGKRINGAN KAB. NGANJUK.

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