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Bubble Ball Online Games, Created by Robert Nay

Bubble Ball Online GamesRobert Nay an 8th grade student at school Spanish Fork, Utah began worldwide. Findings in the form of bubble ball games have been downloaded one million people. Robert Nay was 14 years old. Nay creation of this popular application in the form of a series of riddles that lead the player must guide the ball, through the course of their manipulation.

When the Bubble Ball on the iPhone was launched on December 29, 2010, in the first week already have 1 million users who downloaded it. And last week, Bubble Ball became a hit in a game applications on the iPhone, beating Angry Birds.

Nay it tells of innovation. He uses a program called Corona from Ansca Mobile to develop applications. ”In Corona, you easily and quickly create applications in a matter of hours. Not required Objective-C/Cocoa dam C programming language is clear Nay ++,” a hobby to play piano, trumpet, and reading science fiction books.

Nay initially had tried the standard Objective-C programming tool, then try out another tool that is GameSalad. But he did not like the results of the two. Nay finally back to Corona. Nay even have to write 4000 lines of programming code to make Bubble Ball.

The success of this Nay made a number of companies begin to look for school children to be closer to the technology. Google has launched a developer tool called App Inventor application, which can be used for junior high and high school students.

Even now this application can be developed by anyone, such as Blogger and Tumblr applications, without having to have knowledge of HTML language.

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