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Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown, The Danger for Japan and Asia

Japan is really busy and very panicky. Not only must immediately evacuate the victims of the earthquake and tsunami, but also because of the threat of a nuclear reactor in Fukushima that continues to threaten, and will explode at any moment. If exploded, the impact is not only felt by the Japanese, but also several countries bordering the Japan.

It is estimated there are 50 workers who were desperate to keep the reactor core from attack by sea water. 800 other workers had been withdrawn. After cooling down three nuclear reactors to fail, workers are now struggling to extinguish the fire at reactor number 4.

Even before the earthquake and tsunami alone, the fourth reactor has been shut down and continue to do repairs for months. This is almost as dangerous as the working fuel in the reactor when exploded, because nuclear fuel can also spewed radioactivity into the atmosphere (air).

After an emergency cabinet meeting, the Japanese government told the people who live around 20 miles from Daiichi plant to stay indoors, close windows and stop using air conditioning.

A Japanese official said that “although this incident is a big concern, I ask you to react very calmly.” And in fact, it seems the Japanese people can not hide their panic. In their minds imagined memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, post-world war that destroyed the Japanese.

Today Tuesday, March 15, 2011 shows the spike of radioactivity around the plant that would make the situation worse than before, and appears to continue to increase the spread of radioactive levels. If exploded, in just one hour you will cause great damage. During the 75-minute explosion will likely cause a variety of acute illnesses due to nuclear radiation.

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