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South Korea VS North Korea Military Power Comparison

Conflict (War) between South Korea VS North Korea now is entering a crucial stage, both countries have each launched a military offensive while still being lightweight. And the fact that this conflict does not only involve these two allied countries, but also the superpowers who have an interest both economically and ideologically. Furthermore I see this as an open conflict between Capitalism VS Communism.

In the conflict between South Korea VS North Korea, the United States openly supported the South Korean who had been familiar for a long time, let alone attack the conflict that is now happening is triggered by a joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States (USA). Besides seconded USA, indirectly other capitalist countries appear to be positioned as South Korean fans.

As for North Korea, a country suspected of developing nuclear program gets its blatant support of his elder brother namely China. Besides China, Russia seems to also be positioned as a supporter of North Korea, three countries have a particular attachment to a country that adheres to the communist ideology.

The history of war or conflict between North Korea and South Korea have begun on June 25, 1950. Caused by the division of Korea and North Korea’s efforts and South Korea to reunite Korea under their respective powers. Allied allied war or this war had to stop while an armistice signed on July 27, 1953. But North and South Korea relations remain tenuous until now back to peak and lead to a ceasefire. In fact, the conflict allied South Korea VS North Korea to the conflict allied country’s most hot, hotter than the conflict such as Indonesia VS Malaysia.

Then, who is actually more powerful militarily, South Korea or North Korea? As a comparison, please refer to military data power (military power) that I got from the site Globalfirepower.com following, from the number of weapons (alutista) until the economic power!

North Korea South Korea
11,702,534 Available Military Manpower 24,498,139
9,664,101 Available Personnel Fit for Military Service 19,837,731
382,451 Average Yearly Available Military Manpower 657,663
171 Merchant Marine Strength 738
12 Major Ports / Terminals 4
141 bbl/day Oil Production 17,050 bbl/day
24,000 bbl/day Oil Consumption 2,130,000 bbl/day
0 bbl Proven Oil Reserves 0 bbl
31,200 Km Roadway Coverage 100,279 Km
5,214 Km Railway Coverage 3,472 Km
2,250 Km Waterway Coverage 1,608 Km
120,540 Sq Km Total Land Area 98,480 Sq Km
77 Airports 105
10,000,000 Labor Force 24,010,000
$40,000,000,000 Purchasing Power $1,206,000,000,000
$0 Gold Reserves $262,200,000,000

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