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YouTube Hit “Hack”, The Target is Justin Bieber Videos

Right on U.S. Independence Day, July 4, 2010, the most popular video sharing site YouTube on hacking. Target is targeted by a hacker or hackers is the videos that belong to a sensational teenage singer, Justin Bieber.

Thousands of people on sites like Twitter and Facebook has been reported that the videos featuring Justin Bieber and pages on YouTube have been infiltrated by hackers. Because, when run, suddenly these videos display a message which speaks ill of Justin Bieber, preaching that the singer died due to accident, and there is a link that redirected to a porn site.

Although there has been no reports that this attack also smuggle malware to your computer and YouTube users must be more careful, especially when I see all the things associated with Justin Bieber. These attacks exploit the possibility of public attention since Sunday night, the popular Canadian singer was appearing on NBC television channel.

Google Confirmed

A spokesman for Google says it is aware of the attack on YouTube that made Sunday (07/04/2010) right on U.S. Independence Day. XSS attack using a technique (cross-site scripting) which infiltrate through the feature to write a comment.

“Feature comments could be removed temporarily from the yard for an hour and we have tackled this problem within two hours. We continue to monitor this issue in anticipation of similar attacks in the future,” said Google spokesman in an email quoted by PCWorld. Google ensure the attack does not endanger the YouTube user account. However, users are asked to logout and login again confirmed safe.

The attacker apparently sentiment against Justin Bieber, a young Canadian singer, who was popular among teenagers today. Because, who chased the singer related videos are. Striker smuggle messages that disparaged Bieber that appears when the video started. Not only that, the code is also directly takes the visitor to a new page of porn sites.

There are currently no reports whether the attack was also be used to spread malware, malicious software that can infiltrate your computer. However, modern browsers are now generally able to detect the spread of malware through a model of web pages. (Kompas)

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